Company Historical Record

1974: INOXYFORM is born: Inox boilermaking for commercial catering
1980: Development of collective catering: Self-Service
1985: National Leadership in "à la carte" restaurants: Michelin-starred restaurants
1990: Development of the "Fully-fitted kitchen", at International level: Development of a new range of monoblock ovens
2000: Development of Marine galley equipment: Liners and Navy boats
2002: Moving to a new location, updating of conception tools (CAO 3D) and production (Laser cutting, joinery, GPAO)
2009: Specialization in concept and production of bespoke catering units: Comprehensive Project Management.
2014: Acquisition by the group « MATFER BOURGEAT ».


Collective and Commercial Catering

Our products are designed on our premises and produced in our workshops by skilled labour (catering concept makers, designers, stainless steel boilermakers, carpenters, marble cutters, electricians, refrigeration mechanics) highly qualified in catering equipments to fulfil every customer's demanding specifications.

Product catalogue 2014

Inoxyform building