SynegINOXYFORM is member of SYNEG since its creation

​Trade Union member statement 2014

DEEEINOXYFORM ensures the French manufacturer's Charter and the programmes established by the DEEE and DEA

​Member statement DEEE 2014

FCSIINOXYFORM is a partner member of FCSI

Certificate 2014   www.fcsi.org

INOXYFORM is proud to offer its customers a framework of sustainable development.

Our company ensures the strict fulfillment of the Eco-Construction rules for an Eco-production process.

The life-cycle of our equipments as well as their components are taken into consideration, from delivery till the end of their operational life.

INOXYFORM engages social enterprise policies. Our products are designed and manufactured in France and respect the environmental normatives. INOXYFORM adopts a training policy and hires future talents on a bespoke professional training.