40 years of professional engagement

40th anniversary milestones

1974: INOXYFORM is born
1990: INOXYFORM is bought by an American Group
2001: INOXYFORM is handed over to 3 Executive Directors.
2002: INOXYFORM is modernized and transferred to a new 3000 m² facility
2009: INOXYFORM is bought by Pierre LALANNE, Chief Executive. Jean-Louis DUBROCA, Sales Executive. Customized production starts.
2014: Acquisition by the group « MATFER BOURGEAT ».

INOXYFORM's have built a reputation going back 40 years of industrial experience in the conception and manufacturing of professional catering equipments.

INOXYFORM incorporates 40 years' experience handed over to our teams to design and produce in France the best possible products to satisfy the high standards of French Gastronomy and Catering tradition.